Welcome to SensorMonkey

What is SensorMonkey?

SensorMonkey is a free online service for streaming real-time sensor data live over the Internet. Our focus is on providing a sensor-agnostic streaming platform (including client-side tools) for delivering high-throughput, low-latency sensor data over the web.

Currently, the SensorMonkey service provides a web-based interface for:

  1. Connecting, configuring and controlling local sensor devices.
  2. Viewing data from local sensor devices in real-time.
  3. Publishing data from local sensor devices with the click of a button.
  4. Viewing (subscribing to) published data from remote sensor devices in real-time.
  5. Sending commands to remote sensor devices to control their behaviour and operation.

We also provide a lower-level JavaScript client that can be used to connect to the service directly from within a web-browser (if you would prefer to write your own GUI, for example).

The following screenshots show SensorMonkey's web-based interface in action:

Screenshot 01 Screenshot 02 Screenshot 03

What sensors does it support?

SensorMonkey is sensor-agnostic. Currently, it works best with sensor devices that expose a serial communication interface to the operating system (using a direct USB-connection or a Bluetooth transceiver, for example) but it can be made to work with almost any device that exposes a TCP/IP interface.

Examples of sensors that can easily connect to SensorMonkey include:

Arduino Shimmer XBee eZ430 LabJack
Arduino Shimmer XBee eZ430 LabJack

How do I connect a sensor?

Please visit our tutorials page to view examples of connecting sensor devices such as those shown above to SensorMonkey. If you need further help, or have a query, do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I sign-up?

Simple. Just login using your existing Facebook account and you will have immediate access to the SensorMonkey service.

Please note that we only request access to publicly available information from your Facebook account. You can view our privacy policy here.